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" Father, Listen! ”

September 18, 1813 Tecumseh manufactured an psychological heart felt speech. This speech was named Dad, Listen! The Americans Never have Yet Defeated Us by simply Land. In his speech this individual expresses the fact that British General is a coward who ignored Tecumseh persons in their time of need. To express his feeling about the Uk General Tecumseh uses diverse rhetorical equipment such as anaphora, metaphors and pathos.

In every paragraph Tecumseh starts off with Hear! or Father Listen! This is certainly a rhetorical device referred to as anaphora. He does this to grab our focus on show that he is severe and this individual wants to end up being herd. But it shows his assertion in case at hand. Tecumseh states this constantly to ensure that everyone is even now with him and they be aware that he is not really kidding and will express his thoughts to everybody and they will pay attention.

Throughout the speech Tecumseh uses metaphors to kill and show what kind of man the United kingdom General really is. Tecumseh says such things as " the father's perform to a excess fat dog, that carries the tail after its back again, but when terrified, it drops it among its legs and works off”. By simply stating this Tecumseh declares that the Uk General is actually a wimp who have cannot retain his term.

Daddy? A sign of respect or maybe a word of disgrace? Frequently throughout the speech Tecumseh telephone calls the general Dad. For instance, " Father! You've gotten the arms and ammo, which each of our great dad sent to get his reddish colored children. ” If he thinks the General is a wimpy leather why would he contact him daddy? This is an indicator of Passione Tecumseh uses to show feeling. The emotion of a daddy who left the space his children and kept them to pass away. He as well says " We are identified to defend each of our lands, of course, if it become his is going to, we desire to leave our bones after them. ” This is an additional sign of pathos. This individual shows that he's willing to perish for his cause with or without the British Officers help.

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