Foreshadowing in Of Mice and Men

Foreshadowing in Of Mice and Men

John Steinbeck use of foreshadowing in Of Mice and Men is actually causes the book to have character. Unlike most uses of foreshadowing which happen in dreams and thoughts, John Steinbeck uses genuine events. In order to contribute to the fact that the publication is a lot like a play because the reader won't be able to see the characters thoughts. The other unique way this individual uses foreshadowing is in a few examples the reader can tell it is foreshadowing but different examples really are a lot more delicate. Foreshadowing in Of Rats and Men is used showing what happens to Lennie and what Lennie will perform. To tie foreshadowing into another theme in both foreshadowing and the event the group provides power because they overrule one person. The first example of foreshadowing lets us know what Lennie will do. There are a few events that foreshadow the first case in point. The initially being Lennie " pennyless it pettin' it (11)” it being the mouse button. The second getting what Lennie did in Weed for the girl with all the red costume. The last example being the puppy " an' selection like she has gonna attack me…an' We made like was gonna smack him…an'…an' I carried out it (85)”. All of these situations foreshadow Lennie killing Curley's wife. John Steinbeck made a decision to drop these hints since it makes the audience question if Lennie is worth it to George. Right from the beginning Lennie is getting George in trouble because he can't control himself. They are only a few samples of Lennie being a trouble developer but it reveals the reader what George provides put up with prior to the book began. The last interconnection between the occasions is that they will be accidents, which is an immediate signifier to the target audience that Lennie will have a huge accident at the end of the publication. The main foreshadowed event is Lennie's death. What foreshadowed it was the death of candy's puppy. Carlson as well as the other farmville farm hands are tired of the dogs smell. After a very little talk this individual decides to let them blast the dog proper in the back of...



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