Frederick Douglass Rhetoric Analysis

When injustice is present in culture, it becomes the responsibility of others to step forward in defense from the oppressed. If perhaps this action would not occur, then this injustice will remain and innocent people will suffer. In order to protect equality, at times people must take a risk in order to expose the truth and uphold rights. Individuals during history, including the founding dads, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Junior., have confronted this danger in the quest for freedom. In 1845, Frederick Douglass printed Narrative with the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, in order to do just that- to determine the truth in back of slavery and advocate for freedom. In the narrative, Douglass uses diction, structure, images, and other stylistic elements to persuade people today belonging to the evils that slavery inflicts on both sides of culture.

In order to expose the truth lurking behind slavery, Douglass demonstrates his point through his make use of diction and structure. Through his diction, Douglass uses words to illustrate the barbarity and inhumanity of slavery. For example, Douglass describes slaveholders while " man flesh-mongers” and their actions because " fiendish barbarity” (Douglass, 21, 27). By using phrases such as these, Douglass shows his contempt for anyone responsible and informs you of the cruelty of captivity. He examines the slaveholders to barbarians, revealing all of them as the height of cruelty and wickedness. In addition , after watching the white guys heartlessly get ranking slaves with swine and thoughtlessly break down families, he " noticed more clearly than ever the brutalizing associated with slavery upon both the servant and the slaveholder” (Douglass, 58). Douglass uses the word brutalizing to show how a power of using another person turned the white-colored brutal and inhuman. That they could make these destructive acts about fellow human beings becomes incomprehensive, and this individual successfully communicates the bad effects of captivity. In addition to his diction, Douglass uses structure to show...



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