Global Economic Crisis in Nepal

The latest global financial crisis features caused significant economic slowdown in created countries including the UK, Indonesia, France as well as the USA. America and The uk face the best financial crisis since the 1930s. While there are reasons behind optimism, many developing countries are likely to deal with challenges in the future. While government authorities around the world making the effort to contain the problems, many recommend the worst is not as yet over. I, Sushan Shrestha, am a Nepali, resident of Nepal. 'Global economical crisis' as the word declares, affects the entire global market in the world. They have triggered Nepali market and Nepali youth adults as well.

While using burning global effect of financial disaster, there has been shutting down of many institutions' and agencies whose effect today, Nepalese folks are facing. They are compelled to be jobless in spite of their qualifications, caliber and interest. One of many brother inside my neighborhood who may have already finished his MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION in fund, it has been two years he hasn't got a job. He was ready to start a business, but unfortunately he couldn't.

Yes, this can be a real story. Many other kids like him are unable to start off their organization. Since the banks demand for high rate of interest, they can be unlikely to borrow financial loans. Consequently, they remain unemployed. Many children here are roaming here and there because of their jobs. Nepal is a developing country. Not all the locations in Nepal are developed and don't have got much possibilities. The guy youths, in search of better work opportunities push from the slums and downtrodden areas for the cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, etc .

Together with the limited amount of cash sent from their home, they may be compelled to outlive in a very fragile situation unless of course they find a job. But the competition for the position is really challenging due to global financial trouble these days. Lots of people are not getting employment opportunities. Especially, not really the competent, the competent youths yet those who have received the...



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