Values can play a role in defining globalization. A definition of globalization while " Americanization" or, most likely, the " McDonaldization, " of the world presents globalization being a process driven by American consumer tradition that rolls over other cultures. On the other hand, another meaning of globalization would highlight it is cross-cultural influence, taking into account the size of globalization as a means cultures communicate and learn via each other.

Globalization101. org uses the second approach: viewing globalization as a means of interaction and integration. A spotlight on the pass on of American suggestions or items that ignores the counterbalancing impact from the access to the international area of concepts and items formerly retained out of it, stimulates an impoverished and unbalanced understanding of the method. Thus, Globalization101. org specifies globalization the following: Globalization is the acceleration and intensification of interaction and integration among the people, businesses, and governments of different international locations. This process offers effects in human well-being (including health insurance and personal safety), on the environment, on culture (including concepts, religion, and political systems), and on financial development and prosperity of societies around the world. This thorough and well-balanced definition takes into account the many causes and associated with the process, and, most importantly, leaves room to get debate and discussion of the values that different people from all over the world bring to the table.


Three inherent tensions disclose the conflicting values at risk in the process of globalization because defined above. By reviewing controversies about globalization through the prism of those three worries, teachers and students may learn how to consider the positive and negative effects of varied aspects of the positive effect and how to locate a balance that reflects all their values.

1) The first tension is definitely between individual choice versus societal decision. A discord occurs each time a person, doing exercises her right to choose a particular lifestyle, to get a particular merchandise, or to believe a particular thought, is at probabilities with what contemporary society at an entire views is most preferable for a lot of citizens at large. For example , some people may want to smoke in order to drive with no wearing a seatbelt. Society, yet , may believe there are costs to society as a whole—in medical costs, for example—that require laws to restrict exclusive choice. Inside the arena of globalization, such a stress is apparent in debates over the spread of American tradition. France, for instance , objects to the spread of American popular tradition in the form of films and television set. In fact , France has laws about non-European content in French tv and stereo. France possibly insisted that there become a " social exception" to world operate rules upon services decided to in year 1994 to allow french government to limit imports of American well-liked culture goods. Such positions, however , disregard the fact that no one forces an individual French person to watch an American film or perhaps television show or buy a CD by an American saving artist. France consumers buy those items because that they choose to do therefore for causes of personal inclination. One may moderately ask, after that,

" How come French contemporary society have the directly to override that individual's flexibility of choice? " It comes down to values. To begin with, some people and societies might value interpersonal choices previously mentioned individual selections. Second, some people and communities may think that in parts of culture, maintenance of a local culture— as a result of history, traditions, and a desire to pass on heritage to succeeding generations—should trump initial individual choice. The problem is where to find a way intended for the international system to account for this tension, in areas like the world control talks mentioned previously. How can the process of globalization locate a balance between...