Please tell us something about yourself, the experiences, or perhaps activities that you believe might reflect favorably on your ability to succeed for Penn Condition. This is your opportunity to tell us something about your self that is not already reflected in the application or academic information. We recommend a limit of 500 terms or fewer. Most people have to go through the letdown of poor grades in the future. I have had several these kinds of experiences also. However , my personal first connection with truly negative grades would not occur until the second year of my personal GCE Regular Level classes. During my run of good marks in prior classes, my personal preparation methodology had been to rely on last-minute studying. Therefore , when the time came for finding your way through my starting set of GCE Ordinary Level examinations which will involved those men of Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies, I decided to stay with the same tried and tested technique. What I did not account for during my preparation was that these assessments were to be conducted in the auditorium of a university where thousands of other pupils would join me. This was the 1st time I was showing up for an examination outside the comfort and familiarity of a classroom and this, combined with fact that I had been surrounded by many people, made me really nervous. Furthermore, I did not time my preparation as a result of my irregular studying behaviors, and I as well depended on the notes more and did not stick with one set of notes. My concepts were greatly cluttered up as an outcome. The Islamic Studies exam was held 1st, followed by a niche of a few days and then the Pakistan Research one. If the Islamic Research examination started out, initially I was focused and was able to hold the early concerns. However , that feeling evaporated soon while i turned above the page, and found that a lot of concerns were in the material i could not modify due to deficiencies in time. We also ran out of fashion and could not complete my own paper. A glance...



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