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APWH Reading Schedule

Unit one particular: Foundations of World Background: 8, 1000 B. C. E. –600 C. E.

Ch. a few: Age of Autorite: Rome & Han Cina 753 BCE-600 CE

WEEK 5 (9/18-9/25):

Wednesday/Thursday (9/18-9/19):

I. Surge of The italian capital, the Both roman Republic, &

a. Collect pp. 130-131 #1-3

b. PPT Lecture/Discussion

c. Primary Doctor: Virgil's The Aneid (p. 130-34)

They would. L.: EXAMINE pp. 132-139 (stop at ‘Imperial China')

Friday/Monday (9/20-9/23):

I. The Roman Empire & Imperial China: Qin & Han Dynasties

a. PPT Lecture/Discussion

b. Principal Doc: Virgil's The Aneid (p. 130-34)

H. M.: READ pp. 139-147 & Complete Ch. 5 Guided Reading

Tuesday/Wednesday (9/24-9/25):

We. Imperial China and tiawan: Qin & Han Lignage

a. Acquire Ch. your five Guided Reading

b. PPT Lecture/Discussion

c. Roman and Han Reviews

d. Ch. 5 QUIZ

H. L.: 1 . GO THROUGH pp. 151-162 (stop at ‘Gupta Empire)

2 . Create Thesis Publishing Exercise #3 (due Thur. /Fri.. 9/26-9/27)

APWH Studying Schedule

Unit 1: Foundations of World History: almost eight, 000 N. C. Elizabeth. –600 C. E.

Ch. 6: India & S. E. Asia 1500 BCE-600 CE

WEEK 6 (9/26-10/3):

Thursday/Friday (9/26-9/27):

I. Classical India: Vedic Age (Buddhism & Hinduism)

a. Accumulate Thesis Composing Exercise #3 (Gupta & Rome/Han)

w. PPT Lecture/Discussion

c. Principal Doc:

H. D.: READ pp. 162-165; 166-167 (AP-Practice Essay: Political Control of Classical Empires)

Monday/Tuesday (9/30-10/1):

II. Mauryan & Gupta Empires

electronic. PPT Lecture/Discussion

f. AP Practice Dissertation: Compare Time-honored empires devices of personal control They would. L. READ pp. 165, 168-170 (Ch. 6 Guided Reading & Ch. 6 Quiz upon Wed. /Thur. )

Wednesday/Thursday (10/2-10/3):

We. S. E. Asia

a. Collect Ch. 6 Guided Reading

m. Review Relative Essay

c. PPT Lecture/Discussion

d. Ch. 6 Test

H. M.: READ pp. 174-185 (stop at ‘Sub-Saharan Africa') & Complete DBQ Doc. Evaluation #1



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