Haagen Dazs Report

Executive Overview

This report investigates Haagen-Dazs ice-cream, in United Kingdom by a Consumer Conduct Perspective. The existing trends spotlight the gradual growth of business in comparison to all their direct competition i. e. Unilever's Ben& Jerry and Carte D'Or. Furthermore consumer's perception and level of consciousness towards Haagen-Dazs was analysed and also the Effects of reference point groups, whether it played an optimistic impact on customer's consumption intended for the brand was determined.

Second research placed a groundwork and provided direction pertaining to the primary analysis. Focus group discussions, declaration techniques and then blind ensure that you Fishbein examination helped to know and purpose the difficulties and opportunities to study Haagen-Dazs at a micro and macro level.

Application of all models guided us towards examining consumers attitudes towards Haagen-Dazs based on coverage, perception and comprehension, inserting Haagen-Dazs on the fourth particular (low involvement, affection) of attitude alter model. Health theories used helped all of us identify the gap available in the market untapped by simply Haagen-Dazs, which usually laid a basis intended for our conclusions. The market craze stated by icecream market report and our major data collection helped all of us draw a conclusion that health has low goal by Haagen-Dazs and there is also a huge with regard to the same.

Furthermore we recommend enhanced Integrated Marketing Communications by simply Haagen-Dazs to strengthen the brand demand. By using various mechanisms such as associating the brand with British view leaders and Air carriers such as British Breathing passages to help localise the brand to get in touch with existing consumers and reach out to potential ones.

In the end helping the brand reaching their future proper goal, we. e. reaching number one position

Table of contents


In today's organization society where all industries are undergoing massive change and brutal competition, the ice-cream industry in UK is considerably growing and moving an incredible number of pounds. Industry share is definitely distributed amidst top brands. The main companies in UK will be Häagen-Dazs house of General Mills, Ben& Jerry, and Carte D'Or both houses of Unilever.

The record will give attention to different factors and explain why Häagen Dazs being one of the best brand inside the ice-cream sector is certainly not growing as much as in droit competitors Ben& Jerry and Carte D'Or from Unilever (Mintel, Ice-Cream 2013) The business is continuously growing, resulting from constant development, new flavour introduction, use of high quality substances and a careful decoration process. Leading to Häagen-Dazs getting bigger with regards to value nevertheless on other hand volume sales have continued to be flat in the past year (March, Ice-Cream 2013), and one of the primary competitors, Ben& Jerry, increased by 15. 4%.

Häagen-Dazs is chosen being a topic in order to understand consumer's level of recognition, their perceptions and to be familiar with importance of guide groups (celebrities) in relation to consumption.


To investigate the explanation for the slow market regarding the Häagen-Dazs as compared to Unilever.

To know consumers level of awareness of Häagen-Dazs in relation to celeb endorsements.

To investigate UK consumers company perception about luxury ice-cream brands like Häagen-Dazs in relation to price, quality and taste. [App-36]

Research Methodology

Your initial stage was gathering relevant data coming from available extra sources to be able to analyse Häagen-Dazs (micro level) and ice-cream industry in the UK (macro level) to gain total understanding on consumer behaviour patterns and attitudes towards purchasing Häagen-Dazs which formed a basis for defining the study objectives. Secondary Research provided an insight for the UK ice-cream industry (2013) with a principal focus on current trends of Häagen-Dazs in relation to brand awareness, target market, competitors, consumer account and promoting...

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