Haven Now and Then

Clay Meyers

Great Art 3901

Professor Svede

September 7, 2012

Filmmaking features may shape the viewer's frame of mind toward certain elements of a film. Music, timing, camera features, setting and much more all influence the viewer's perspective. The Battle of Algiers and Paradise Now and then equally put all their perspective on the struggle among two several groups and fighting approaches within the two sides. Every single film uses a different approach to connect the viewer for the film.

With only being exposed to twenty-six a few minutes of The Challenge of Algiers, it was hard to get on a private basis with all the characters. Understanding who the characters had been and the reasoning for their activities was lacking. Learning how and why they started fighting was obviously a challenge faced while watching this kind of film. The possible lack of seeing relationships form and exactly how the fighting started was obviously a major difference compared to Paradisepoker Now and then. Throughout this ninety-minute production it was very clear on the human relationships the personas held with one another. The functions each personality played were easily linked back to the plot and helped occur later displays because of the noticeable character attitude due to the span of time of the film.

The tactical programs behind the film's problems are presented in very different ways. In The Battle of Algiers that attacks may show any kind of planning before the actual disorders. The problems on the street every just happen without organizing. The attack upon the Palestinians is of a car ride to their community and a bomb explodes the building. Another attack through the Palestinians is of three women changing their appearance to cross the border and the man resulting in the bomb. What stands is the performance. Within Heaven Now and then the look initially started out nearly 10 minutes into the film and wasn't accomplished until 80 minutes later on at the end. Due to the fact that this plot takes so long to truly play out, this shows the emotions with the characters about...



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