п»їName: Lexin Wang

Handout: Opium Debate

Due in class on Thursday, September 18


(1) Please browse documents several. 1-7. four (page 94-106)

(2) Learners with the previous names Lu to Zweng will go through 7. two more properly and fill in this worksheet


(1) Does Zhu Zun feel that opium ought to be banned? So why or perhaps you should (Page 98)


This individual suggested the propriety of increasing the severity of specific prohibitory enactments, with a view to keep the pride of the laws and regulations, and to take out a great evil from among the list of people. " Wherever a great evil is available it should be ate once eliminated, and that the laws should never be suffered to get into desuetude. ”

(2) Really does he think that it's possible to implement the law? What stands in the form of its enforcement? (Page 98)


" The regulations, then, relating thereto are not wanting in severity; nevertheless there are these in business office who, pertaining to want of energy, fail to bring them into execution. ” Because the office who want of power, lot of money and positions did not bar the opium which area law seems to be weaker and weaker and thus did the people, they did require the law critically either.

(3) According to Zhu, could legalization take economic gain to Chinese suppliers? (Page 98-99)


" Besides, whether it is in our capacity to prevent the extortion of dollars, why not also to prevent the importation of opium? And if we can although prevent the echange of opium, the exportation of us dollars will all of them cease of itself, plus the two crimes will both at once be ceased. ”

(4) How should the Qing deal with its foreign relations? (Page 98-99; 100)

Banned the importation of opium; Managed the exportation of tea and silk, the exchange of overseas dollars; Reduced the land that used to be planted poppy.

(5) Is foreign currency beneficial to Chinese suppliers? (Page 99)

No, the other currency can be not beneficial to China.

" As to the proposition to give tea in exchange, and fully to forbid the exportation of possibly foreign sterling silver I...