How Steinbeck Foreshadows the Death of Lennie in Of Rats and Men

In the novel, Of Mice and Men simply by John Steinbeck, foreshadowing is employed to give the viewers an idea to what could happen for the end from the book. There is certainly slight guide, which touch slightly, and in addition direct parallel of the scenario, with Candies and his dog.

There are shows in the book where Lennie's physical power and childlike incompetence, which can be presented to stress the instinctive threat, which he postures. When George talks of what happened in Weed, this individual proclaims that Lennie gets all " mixed up”, when something goes wrong, " he retains on, ‘cause that's the simply thing he can think to do”. This gets Lennie in to many dangerous situations over the book. Lennie has a attention with ‘red', this is publicized throughout the story, this conduct he more associated with the behavior of a kid, rather than a grown-up. Lennie's desire to touch the ‘red' dress is not only a conscience strike, but the sweat in Lennie's head, makes him not able to control the problem, which ends badly.

Anything similar occurs Curley episodes Lennie. Once again, Lennie's puzzlement of the situation goes against him once Curley actually reaches to hand techinque Lennie, as he " simply held onto the closed fist”. Even though is usually seems Lennie is in control of the situation, because Curley can be " flopping like a fish”, Lennie can be scared and " viewed in terror”.

Lennie's requirement of security is also shown in his desire to have something small to pet, this is similar in the way a young child has a teddy bear for comfort, as Lennie is eager to hold the dead mouse button, as it gives him some sense of security. Lennie is usually unaware what it takes for the mouse to get dead, so his lack of knowledge is synchronised to anything sinister right from the start. Later on, Lennie again attempts security in the responsibility of caring for a little animal, the ‘pup', wonderful dream to " tend the rabbits” on the farm, which will he desires to15325 share with George. Lennie eliminates the doggie unintentionally. When he is playing while using pup, this individual hits...



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