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Waits and Sons is known as a landscaping organization operating as a family business since 3 years ago (Waits, 2012). Matt Waits has been the caught landscaper for the residence at 411 N Wayman Street within the past three years. Within a recent interview, Waits responded the following concerns: •How and once would you identify the need to build a job position in your business?

While contracts are signed plus the demands to get more maintenance trips grow, we are looking to load new positions. In fact , our company is currently trying to hire one or two more employees. A lot of your new contracts are brought to use through word-of-mouth simply by our own clientele. It is their very own neighbors or friends and family, who have might live nearby.

•What approach would use for outline the position's particulars? The technique will be based around the current staff, skills, and needed customer support skills. Researching current task demands and exactly how these are achieved, to then simply determine if we really need more of the same qualifications or new requirements. We also need to review the needs of the new customers. For example , if a consumer has a pond as part of the gardening, then we have to ensure the new employee is proficient in some plumbing applications. Sprinkler systems can be difficult to manage plus the candidate will need to have experience dealing with sprinklers.

•What would the duties be?

Duties consist of: mowing, planting, laying sod, fertilizing, providing water, raking, searching, installing sprinkler systems, repairing existing sprinklers, and laying concrete edges outlining floral and bush beds.

•What would the performance requirements for the positioning be? The ideal candidate will certainly possess the expertise and ability to operate the newest landscaping tools, including electricity tools and handheld gear.

The candidate will also be responsible for ensuring the site is usually adequately surveyed, manicured, and left greater than found upon completion. Being on time is of greatest importance and the candidate need to...



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