Lynn Accigliato

Prof. Siracusa


Feb 28, 2013

" Your own personal choice plus your identity”

Many persons think that the identity generally there born with is the personality they perish with and although that, in most cases is valid, their identity will change by way of a personal selections they make during their life-time. We help to make choices every day. For instance, you will discover positive alternatives like obtaining new shoes or boots, or obtaining a job, then there are downsides choices like not studying for a test or taking a financial institution. Positive and negatives alternatives affect personality. Here Let me discuss some examples of those choices people produce that will affect there identification Positive choices people help to make don't only affect these people. It could be uplifting to people that they do not actually know. California king Latifah as an example in her biography Women first Revelations of a Solid Woman, decided to make her music positive and to help and encourage women by simply letting them know that whatever they have been through or perhaps where they will came from, that they will be " Queens” (p. 35) Women who possess that confident outlook produce positive choices, and it makes all of them feel good and confident. Some people need to change all their identity to feel better about themselves. For instance, currently taking hormonal medicines to change their sex, and also other people in the short term change their particular identity to get that self esteem they never got. Like Lucy Grealy in book Goggles, she sadly lost half her mouth due to Ewing Sarcoma. (p 69-70) One particular Halloween the moment Lucy was in sixth quality, she decided she was well enough to travel trick or treating and her mom thought on an Eskimo costume so Sharon put a shawl around her face and starting heading throughout the neighborhood and she realized the girl felt so good because no-one could see her deal with, she sensed such flexibility. But all in all Lucy sensed relieved staying herself without the scarf mainly because she sensed no reference to that sort of happiness after living a lot of years miserable and frustrated....