Impact of Foreign Education

Impact Of Foreign Education

In a changing global circumstance, Third World countries are accelerating efforts to attain recognizable success in the field of education. Pakistan in addition has taken measures to this impact. These initiatives, though loable, are contested by a few academics while non-sustainable and therefore non-productive. Despite these objections, over two, 000 college students have been capable of avail scholarships advertised by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). These scholarships in the field of science and technology are required to bring knowledge to the country and set it on the course of improvement. The experience as well aims to give individuals a worldwide perspective, hence contributing on the making of ‘global' people. On the economical and employment front, it includes a great edge to graduates of prestigious international schools in getting employment in the country and abroad. In the job market, inclination is given to fresh graduates! This simple fact was featured when a respected teacher and school member of the Punjab University visited students advising business office at the US Consulate Lahore to inquire about Graduate student Degree Courses in the US to get his son. He explained that while his boy had a record of excellent academic experience, he lost out to overseas, especially US educated individuals, in the job market. Unfortunate although situation may well appear for the local teachers, it is a fact the fact that international education experience, specifically at distinguished educational institutions, really does often offer an advantage to students whom are making an application for jobs. This understanding has resulted in an increase in research abroad plans in virtually all countries, specially in those countries where the regional education industry is still changing. UNESCO data a 56 percent embrace international student enrolment coming from 1999-2004. Six countries number 69 percent of the planet's mobile college students. They are: UNITED STATES (22 percent); UK 18 percent; Germany 10 percent;...



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