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Digestive and Respiratory System Worksheet


Before addressing the queries below, log in to MANDSPERSON and view the clinical animation for Peristalsis and Gas Exchange. Remember, you may make use of our textual content, our discussions, and the internet to write the answers, although be sure to create your answers in your own terms and to work with correct citations where ideal! Cutting and Pasting your responses can lead to a Actually zero for this job!

1 . Trace the way of an oxygen molecule from your air outside the house you to the tissues.

It depends on the oxygen outside then you breathe the oxygen in to your lung area. The fresh air that was in the air absorbs into your veins in your lung area and then hooks up to a hemoglobin molecule. The hemoglobin molecule carries the oxygen. The blood that was saturated with oxygen inside the lungs then simply travels towards the heart which is pumped out from the body through the aorta. In the event blood actually reaches an area that is certainly low in o2 the hemoglobin molecule emits oxygen.

2 . Trace the way of food from ingestion to defecation. Briefly describe what happens at each stop for the journey. (See figs 18. 11 and fig 14. 13 inside your text for some hints! )

You gnaw your food, after this you swallow. The meals travels through the esophagus, through your esophagus that goes down to your stomach. Once it reaches your abdomen, strong stomach acids and nutrients digest or perhaps break down the foodstuff into tiny particles. The particles this breaks the foodstuff down to are called proteins, fats and carbohydrates. After departing your tummy, the allergens enter the small intestine. The tiny intestine slowly contracts or squeezes, to push food along through this. The small gut absorbs nutrients that the body uses for strength, growth, and repairs. By the time the food extends to the end of the small intestines almost all the nutrients had been absorbed. Almost all that's really left in the food here is water and indigestible waste materials. This in that case enters the large intestine...



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