Inkwell Limited

Inkwell Ltd

Review of Inkwell Ltd's accounting system as well as the effectiveness of its interior controls and recommendations for improvement.

This report is published for analysis of competence in AAT Learning and assessment place Internal Control and Accounting Systems that compromises the 2 QCF models: * Analysis of Accounting systems

* Principles of Internal Control

List of Material

1 . Conditions of Reference point

2 . Executive Summary

several. Methodology

some. Nature of Business

a few. Current Accounting Function

6. Review of the Accounting Program

1 .

Terms of Reference

installment payments on your 1 This kind of report have been prepared to cover the requirements of AAT Learning Assessment location ‘Internal Control and Accounting Systems'.

2 . 2 The objectives of the report will be:

* To examine Inkwell Ltds Accounting Program

* Recognize weakness and make tips for improvement 2. Prepare a cost benefit analysis

2 .

Report Brief summary

3. Strategy

3. one particular The research employed for this record is generally made up of used information found in textbooks, the web and information given by Anil Gupta from Inkwell Ltd.

some. Nature and Structure of Inkwell Ltd.

Nature, Site and Control of Inkwell Ltd

4. 1 Inkwell supplies a full range of ink jet and laserlight toner carts and catomizers which have been re-manufactured. Their objective is to save customers money without limiting quality, while producing goods which are greener for the surroundings. Inkwell claim that their products are manufactured to the finest quality using the latest technology and are happy to replace dissatisfied customers without the argument. four. 2 Inkwell Ltd features stores country wide on substantial streets in which their products can be found. They also have a web shop which is available day-to-day. The company head office is based in Birmingham, wherever its supervision and accounts team are also based, combined with warehouse and online shop. some. 3 Inkwell was...



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