Inkwell Overview


The company supplies a complete variety of re-manufactured printing device cartridges and laser souci cartridges. The corporation sales its products through a country wide chain of over 62 high roads shops through on line store 24/7. The majority of sales are retail revenue (cash sales) but some of larger trade customers buy from central storage place on credit terms (30 to sixty days) and get mass discount based upon value with their purchases every single quarter. The corporation has been established in The fall of 2003 in Birmingham by two of it is three controlling shareholders: Paul Farnon (Managing Director 40% of shares) and Victoria Dawson (Sales Director thirty percent of shares). Anil Gupta (Finance Movie director 30% of shares) provides joined the organization in 2008. All users of the plank directors result from printing production and selling background.

The re-manufactured cartridges are often 20% cheaper than originals. The company should keep sufficient inventories in each store to be able to meet up with three days' worth of normal revenue and to be able to offer following day delivery support when the deal is through their on-line shop. This is actually the company coverage to minimize inventory holding costs by holding minimal inventory levels. Each night company collates its product sales for the day besides making orders to suppliers. The suppliers deliver goods for the central warehouse two days after receiving a great order. The Inkwell after that sends the cartridges by simply post to its stores. Over the past 7 years the company is continuing to grow and features revenue of ВЈ16 mil and engages 180 full time employees.


Paul Farnon (Managing Movie director 40% of shares)

Exito Dawson (Sales Director thirty percent of shares): advises market price of any cartridge then takes off essential profit margin to get price the cartridge needs to be manufactured intended for. Anil Gupta – Financing Director: accountable for finance, legal and accounting procedures and systems, production of total annual company survey, statutory accounts, banking and finance concerns. Michael O'Payne ACCA – Company Scrivener (low lower tension between him and Anil since Anil appointment to Financing Director): accountable for running Accounts Department, making monthly management accounts, approves all payments to suppliers, managing job of accounting technicians (general ledger, purchase ledger, revenue ledger, costing system, payroll and personnel database management system). Alex Sibel – Accounting Technician AAT student: accountable for revision of company devices and methods, accounting duties given by Michael or Anil. Michelle Labelle No Diploma - Basic Ledger and Inventory Clerk: responsible for going into data in general journal, end of month trial balance, cash book and petty money imprest program, keeping economic control over business inventories, critiquing stock levels in shops by email-based, monitoring instructions to suppliers, checking with shops for what reason they have got a lot more than three days and nights stock. Liana Khan AAT level a couple of wants to perform AAT three or more – Obtain Ledger Attendant (20hours a week): entering supplier's bills and credit rating notes in purchase journal, arranging obligations to suppliers. One year encounter in Revenue Ledger. Married to Michael's son. Greg Morris no Qualification – Sales Ledger Clerk (20 hours a week): punching in data into sales ledger, credit control, sending regular monthly statements to trade consumers, working out all their quarterly savings. Alan Prepare – Charging Technician(very knowledgeable in sales/purchase ledger/costing avoid want to attempt any teaching because of his age): works what expense of each container component should be, supplies managing with the information on which to negotiate with suppliers, monitoring costs and profitability of every cartridge about monthly basis and advises management of variances by target. Sharon Ward AAT level 2 and desires to do level 3 simply no experience in computerised payroll needs teaching on software – Payroll and Staff Database Attendant: running two payrolls (monthly for supervision and salaried staff and weekly intended for hourly paid out...



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