Islam and Religious Places

June 12, 2013.


The Authorities,

city L. M. N.

From: Back button. Y. Unces, Investigating Official City L. M. And.

Subject: Suicide Attacks In Religious Areas.

Introduction: As being a investigating police officer I have been asked to submit a report on committing suicide attacks about religious places that took place recently. Survey: Suicide episodes on the spiritual places is the scourge of the last quater century. Because religious places have superb importance for his or her devotees. Religious places could be the places of muslims, christian believers and may be the areas of various other religion obyers. All the beliefs of the world get their religious locations. Religious place may be called the place by where that religion orginates or where the God consumed belivers to whom god experienced blessed with extra attributes took shelter. Then these types of places became the devine places for other supporters. Whenever they received threat of suicide problems the supporters put themselves gathered against that danger untill the risk seize. last week some faith based places of muslims have been completely aimed very. A lot of people still left their endures the blasted spot. The places where explosive device attacks caused a lot of loss happen to be describe as uses. Kotle in D. We. Khan: Kotle is actually a spiritual place of Ahle-Tashi brothers. Annually their is a procession which usually starts from the internal pavements of g. i. khan and seize at Kotle in the memory space of Hazrat Imam Hussain. Last week when people asusual required out a procession in Muharamul haram. A person weighing with suicide explosive device jacket joined in a retraite and blasted itself. in this way hundreds of people expired in the spot and also other got severe injuries. Authorities paid a whole lot of riches to people as a result of poor security alarm. in this way our economy of our country decreased. Blast Blast in data ganj baksh: Just lately a suicide bomb attact occured in the shrine of information ganj baksh. it was a bad sight to find out. the same case repeated as of this spot such as d. i. khan nevertheless the impact of this bomb...



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