J. Pierpont Morgan and Andrew Carnegie

Viviana Kucharski

AMH 2020

Sep 20 2012

L. Pierpont Morgan & Andrew Carnegie

It is difficult to graphic two guys born in such a different social condition include so much in common. Two guys that opened his approach to the accomplishment based in diligence and for some reason shared that success with other folks less fortunate.

J P Morgan and Claire Carnegie had been two strong men; regimented, intelligent, and hard workers. President Roosevelt described T P Morgan as a sincere and trustful man. He developed a social and professional self confidence, and his fort body and deep dark eyes were intimidating. He was born like a natural leader. In the other hand Andrew Carnegie was compassionate, ethic, very humble, a truth optimistic. His mother educated him the significance of hard work. " He was dedicated to his mother and deeply lover her. ” (www.biography.com, minute10'55'). He believed in features of all guys. Andrew Carnegie was born in Scotland in 1835 inside the womb of a working school family. Seeing that school wasn't mandatory his formal education didn't start until associated with 8, even so his daddy and uncles led his early education. In the different side worldwide, in Connecticut, America " J L Morgan came to be into a profitable mercantile-banking friends and family in 1837”. (American Eras. Vol. almost 8. ) Having been raised in Hartford, Boston, and Greater london. His formal education began in New England universities and ongoing in Swiss and Australia. After a yr in University his dad placed in one of his affiliate marketing firms. Instead, once Toby arrived to America at of 13, his school's days had been over. Andrew's first task was a bobbin boy then in the O'Reilly Telegraph Business. " Claire saw this kind of job like a first step in the road toward success. ” (Machen Rau, pg 36. ) Following years or learning and observing, Andrew invested in the Adams Exhibit Company in addition to the Woodruff Sleeping Car Company and it turned out to be a successful investment that brought him plenty of cash. Unlike Carnegie, Morgan initial job was on the plank of a...



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