Kansas City Zephyrs Baseball Membership, Inc

Functions Involved:

Players; Professional Football Players Relationship (PBPA)

Owners; Owner-Player Committee (OPC)

Bill Ahern; Arbitrator



feel that they should share inside the teams' earnings

will be prejudiced towards accounting that brings higher net profits so that they may argue for a stake in the revenue feel that the owners will be hiding their very own profits through accounting techniques


say that the teams are actually losing money each year

will be biased towards accounting that yields decrease net revenue (if any) so that the players will not have a substantial claim for further pay

Major League:

Composed of 26 Clubs

14 American League, 12 National Group

Many teams do not very own their own arena or small league teams Each crew has 24 players within the active roster, 16 small league players " on option” Every single team takes on 162 video games (81 Residence, 81 Away)

There are 150 Minor Little league teams which have been only partly funded by way of a affiliated Significant League Crew Team Owners established the main League Arrangement

Major League Rules which includes signing, trading and coping with players Elects a Commissioner to a seven-year term

Helps to protect the best passions of the game

Administers difficulties Leagues Central Fund

Example: Kansas City Zephyrs

Selected by simply both PBPA and OPC

Chosen intended for representative character

Clean and simple financial example

-not held by a organization (publicly owned)

-does certainly not own the stadium

-private financial info will not be needed

Points of Disagreement:

1 . Roster Depreciation

installment payments on your Overstated Gamer Salary Charge

Current roster salary

Retirement of putting your signature on bonuses

Nonroster guaranteed contract expense

a few. Related-Party Orders (Stadium Operations)

Key Accounting Concepts:

Reputation of Earnings

Recognition in the point at which goods are delivered to a buyer The Complementing Concept: relating revenues and expenses in order that owners' collateral is nor overstated nor understated Players will often argue to get...



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