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The Discreet Kinkajou

Not unusual, but hard to come by, the kinkajou (Potos flavus) is a small , and honey-colored, night time rainforest mammal related mainly to the raccoon. On average, the kinkajou weighs four to seven pounds but may range anywhere from three to ten. To compensate because of its small body, the kinkajou has a butt around 20 or so inches very long. This pet uses their tail as a fifth adjustable rate mortgage, usually to hold from limbs or help with balance. The kinkajou comes from the jungle canopy of Central and South America spending most of it is time sleeping in tree holes and rarely comes to the ground. It can be rarely noticed by individuals because of its strong nocturnal behaviors rarely find it.

Although they are rarely seen, kinkajous have numerous vocalizations that can be heard through the entire forest's cover. Their shrill barks and screams have been completely said to resemble a woman's scream. Kinkajous usually shout when they are gonna attack as a result of agitation. Kinkajous also produce a getting sound when happy or perhaps interested. One other form of interaction is by fragrance. Kinkajous possess large scent glands around their mouth area, throat, and stomach. These types of glands allow the animal to mark it is territory and travel paths.

Despite the fact that kinkajous are classified in the buy carnivora, (order that contains strong jaws and teeth adapted for stabbing, tearing and eating flesh) they are generally frugivores. Frugivores feed primarily on fruits. About eighty percent from the kinkajou's diet plan consists of fruit. The additional ten percent comprises of invertebrates, small mammals, and eggs. The kinkajou provides a five-inch slim tongue to assist it get fruit in smaller areas. This pet is also the only carnivore that also will act as an important pollinator. When collecting nectar they also collect pollen on their faces and copy it to other bouquets.

Kinkajous include a different social structure than most animals. A troop, or family consists of a...



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