Kinship Systems from the San's

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Kinship System of the San's

Amy Namer

OULD LIKE 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Instructor: Christine Compton

03 25, 2013

KINSHIP two Kinship System of the San's

In anthropology kinship is the system of social relationships that constitutes kinship in a particular culture, such as the terminology which it used the reciprocal commitments that are entailed. In this conventional paper I will be discussing the kinship approach to the San's culture of the Kalahari Wilderness in southwestern Africa. Let me also go over how our culture (the American Culture) compares to their tradition or against their culture. This paper will also talk about three samples of how kinship system of the San's damaged or influenced the way this culture reacts within their way of life and how come they react the way they perform.

The San culture is usually known as the Men. According to the text Culture Anthropology by Nowak, & Laird (2010), the San's lifestyle is " one of the best regarded hunting and gathering residential areas in the modern world. (Nowak, & Laird, 2010). The San's people are foragers meaning they sought after and obtained for their ways of survival. The folks in this lifestyle are constantly moving to certain parts of their property to look for the greatest area pertaining to vegetation and a high inhabitants of animal life. In this culture the boys are the hunters of beef and the women are the gatherers of fruit and veggies. (Nowak, & Laird, 2010). Within this traditions everyone stocks and shares equally the actual have hunted or what they have obtained by doing this it reinforces the social jewelry between the San's communities.

The San's communities have a descent that is certainly bilateral so therefore they happen to see themselves related to both...

References: Nowak, B., & Laird, G. (2010). Ethnic Anthropology. North park, CA: Bridgepoint Education.



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