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Imagine yourself lying within a hospital bed oblivious to everything, unable to move or show any signs of life. Your own lifestyle controlled by simply an We. V., a respiratory machine, and a feeding tube. In essence, you are lifeless. Your body is no longer able to preserve life. Your life's complete purpose is actually replaced with a machine. You are being kept alive by artificial means. Now, the question occurs: Should you be held alive by simply these means or had you been allowed to expire a natural loss of life? Unfortunately, you are unable to response this issue because your tone is limited into a " beep" on a heart monitor equipment. Who in that case is going to decide if you live artificially or die naturally? Who gets to play God? Well, if your relatives doesn't have the written agreement in the form of a full time income will, to cease life support, then this doctor can make the ultimate decision for both equally you and your family.

Usually, this is the case. Even though composing a living will is just as convenient if not really easier than writing a death can, many people don't take the time to do so. Therefore , doctors need to debate the question of euthanasia. A question that each one of us should certainly ponder long before we are placed in this situation.

What is euthanasia? Euthanasia is not mercy eliminating. It has practically nothing to do with eliminating. On the contrary, euthanasia by definition simply means " good death" and in the applied feeling it identifies

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the patient's own normal death without prolonging all their dying process unduly. What this tries to accomplish is usually to allow a person to die with peace and dignity. Generally, life-support systems simply prolong the airport terminal suffering of your patient by a few more weeks or months. They do nothing to return a patient into a normal functioning human being. With most terminally ill people, life support does not mean extending life. It means prolonging struggling, for both the sufferer and their family members.

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