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TIME INFORMATION SUBJECT Title -- World Drinking water Resources The Middle East - Water Wars China -- The Impact of Dams Quotes - Normal water & the surroundings End Titles



• Drinking water covers 71% of the earth's surface. Of the amount: 93% is in the seas 2 . five per cent lies in subterranean aquifers 2% is in snow caps installment payments on your 5% exists freshwater that people can use. • Global normal water consumption offers risen 6 fold seeing that 1900. • Each Australian household uses around 700L of normal water a day. • The ALGUN predicts that 1/3 of the world's inhabitants currently lives in countries previously experiencing average to high water tension. This is assessed by every country's rate of drinking water consumption to water availableness – their use-toresource index which gauges overall pressure on drinking water resources. Average to high stress equals consumption levels that go beyond 20% of accessible supply. ESTE predicts that figure can rise to 2/3 in the next 30 years. • Developing countries are particularly susceptible to water scarcity as in addition to high water stress, they have little money to apply sustainable techniques, technologies, or perhaps pay high water charges schemes. (Source: UNEP World Resources Institute – Sustainable Development Data Service)

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This kind of video provides an overview of a global geographic issue of access to fresh water. This investigates: -- the cultural and environmental dimensions with the issue - different methods to management of fresh water (at various scales) - conflict within and between communities - implications for sociable justice and equity It includes an introductory section that provides details of global normal water resources – availability, circulation and intake. Then the online video examines problems surrounding access to fresh water, through three sample studies in the Middle East, China, and Quotes. The conclusion talks about challenges for the future.

Duration: 22 min Years: 9-12

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Throughout the Midsection East, water demand is usually expected to surpass availability soon. This region is characterized by: • Growing population • Existing faith based and political tension • Geographical concentration of human population through urbanization • Large predominance of agriculture since major normal water user (up to 90% in some countries) • Swiftly developing sector and culture • Weighty reliance on aquifers/groundwater In Qatar, the absence of permanent surface drinking water means farming is entirely dependent on irrigation from circulated groundwater. Roughly Qatar aquifers will be depleted in 20 to 30 years time. Pollution is also problems - in Syria too little sewage fingertips systems, and industrial waste dumping, include damaged all major river basins. But serious water disadvantages in the region have got resulted in the introduction of technological alternatives – including Israel's pressure, or get, irrigation. Most of Israel's irrigated areas now use this method that has reduced drinking water consumption every unit of land by simply 50-70%. His home country of israel also has more than 30 desalinisation facilities, typically in the Eilat area, designed to use osmosis to treat brackish drinking water. Half of Eilat's water needs are supplied by desalinization. (Source: UN FAO)


The Yangtze Water is China's longest river, and the third greatest water in the world after the Nile and Amazon. It really is one of the planet's busiest delivery routes – it's profound waters allow ships to reach Wuhan, which can be 1, 100km upriver from your coast. The Yangtze River and Three Gorges have great importance to Oriental culture, motivating literature, skill and folk traditions through the ages, and associated with many historical events, persuits and misconceptions. But throughout the monsoon rains in summer time, tributaries enlarge and can make severe surges. Flooding along the Yangtze offers claimed above 500, 1000 lives this...



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