Insanity Protection Paper


Madness Defense Conventional paper

Angela Harris, Samantha Kunz, Jermaine Kelley


June almost eight, 2014

Ann Perry

We feel that the defendant may not be competent to stand trial, due to the fact that he had has emotionally and mental issues. The defendant has no knowledge of the criminal offenses or the consequences, in the event put on the stand he might revert to that mental state of mind and will not be able to offer and correct statement and may not be able to understand charges and sentencing.

As a team we feel that Stu Dents is obviously not proficient to stand trial because of the fact he is psychologically and mentally unstable. This individual clearly is convinced he is of higher power, whilst being imprisoned he held stating he was god. As the officers had been searching his home they found a room full of pictures with the victim. Mr. Dents viewed signs of fanatical compulsive disorder which although it is not severe is actually a mental health issues on its own. Mr. Dents also displayed signs of psychotic disorders. One symptom of psychotic disorders would be hallucinations. It is noticeable Mr. Dings suffers from hallucination he mistook a officer for a great alien.

To confirm defense by insanity in the state of New York, you have to prove that the defendant lacked the capacity to be aware of, the nature and consequences of such perform: or that such carry out was wrong. The State of New York applied the M'Naghten secret to the madness defense right up until 1965. The M'Naghten regulation to the madness defense states that a defendant should not be held responsible for his actions as long as their mental disease was severe enough that they would not know all their act can be wrong, or perhaps they did not know the characteristics and quality of their actions. There is very much criticism more than if the individual committing the act new the work was incorrect and could control their impulses. In 62, American Rules Institute, came up with the Model Presidio Code Check, under this kind of test one is not accountable for his or her act if it shows that they lacked...

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