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This paper was prepared pertaining to Medical Terminology, Mod. one particular taught by Rikkisha Gilmore-Byrd.

Directions: You should provide comprehensive and complex responses to the following questions. Your reactions should include good examples from the reading assignments, if at all possible. For each problem, your response must be for least 95 words in length and employ APA suggestions.

1 . Assess how medical terminology is definitely broken down in to word parts by choosing 5 terms and describing just how each term can be split up. Hematology: HEMAT (root) To (combining vowel) LOGY (suffix)

Electrocardiogram: ELECTR (root) O (combining vowel) CARDI (root) O (combining vowel) GRAM (suffix) Gastric: GASTR (root) IC (suffix)

Enteritis: GET INTO (root) ITIS (suffix)

installment payments on your Explain the role in the " root” or " combining form. ” What makes it important to understand meanings of mixing forms? How does the combining form affect the overall that means of a medical term?

The " root” gives the essential meaning of any term. Combining form is a combination of the fundamental and the combining vowel. Intended for the word " hematology”, HEMAT would be the reason for the word, followed by a merging vowel, U, and a suffix, LOGY.

3. Illustrate the capabilities of a endsilbe. What position does the endsilbe play in the connotations of medical terms?

A suffix is known as a words stopping. It commences with a consonant. They are placed on the end from the word origins and incorporate forms to increase or modify their that means.

4. Identify the importance of the word. What are a lot of functions of your prefix? How can a prefix alter the which means of a medical term?

The prefix is a small portion added to the beginning of a term. In addition to the beginnings, combining forms, and merging vowels, many medical conditions have a word part attached with the beginning of the word. The prefix can change the meaning of a term in important ways.

5. How will you...



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