Understand mental health problems (CMH 302)

Evaluation of this unit

This product introduces the primary forms of mental health problems. You will be expected to know the dimensions of the strengths and limitations in the main psychiatric classifications systems and have a working knowledge of alternate frameworks intended for understanding mental distress. The unit also examines the ways that mental health conditions affect the specific and others inside their social network, and considers the benefits of early treatment in promoting mental health and wellbeing. You will need to: ▶ know the dimensions of the main kinds of mental illness ▶ consider the impact of mental sick health upon individuals while others in their online social network. The evaluation of this unit is entirely knowledge-based. To successfully complete this product, you will need to develop evidence of your understanding as proven in the stand opposite. Your tutor or perhaps assessor will help you prepare for the assessment. The tasks suggested inside the unit will help you create evidence you need.

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Describe the main types of mental unwell health based on the psychiatric (DSM/ICD) classification program: mood disorders, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, substance-related disorders, anoresia or bulimia, cognitive disorders Explain the important thing strengths and limitations from the psychiatric classification systems Describe two alternative frameworks intended for understanding mental distress Clarify how mental ill wellness may be suggested through an person's emotions, pondering and behaviour Explain just how individuals experience discrimination as a result of misinformation, assumptions and stereotypes about mental ill overall health Explain just how mental sick health may have an impact within the individual, which includes: • • • • • psychological and emotional practical and financial the effect of applying services interpersonal exclusion great impacts

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Clarify how mental ill well being may have an effect on these in the individual's familial, interpersonal or operate network, which includes: • • • • • emotional and psychological practical and financial the effect of employing services social exclusion confident impacts

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Describe the benefits of early on intervention in promoting mental health and wellbeing

This unit also links to some of the other units:


Concepts of safeguarding and protection in health insurance and social proper care Dementia consciousness Understand and enable interaction and communication with individuals with dementia

Some of the learning will probably be repeated in these units and will give you the possibility to review your understanding and understanding.


Exactly what the main forms of mental ill health?

Experiencing ‘mental illness'

Mental disease is a disorder of the brain that affects how people think and feel. It may change how those individuals react. The problems associated with mental disease can expand to how an individual forms relationships, and exactly how that individual interacts with the larger community. People diagnosed with mental health problems could be socially omitted from typical activities and resources as a result of stigma in the illness. Discrimination based on the wider community's perception of mental health issues compounds the difficulties encountered by people with mental health issues. Learning about mental health problems can help you understand these kinds of difficulties. Better understanding of mental illness will help you: ▶ be aware of the need to provide support for people who had been diagnosed with a mental illness ▶ the difference among an individual's needs when they are psychologically healthy so when they are emotionally ill ▶ learn about how health and interpersonal care methods support individuals with mental illness. Your assessment criteria: 1 ) 1 Explain the main types of mental ill well being according to the DSM/ICD classification devices. 1 . 2 Explain the important thing strengths and limitations of the psychiatric classification...



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