Buddhism's Relationship with Other Religions

Alex Hankins, Allison Williams, Angela Burgos, Annie Downey, and Julius Gonzales REL/133

Feb 17, 2014

Matthew Morrison

Buddhism's Romance with Other Made use of


Go over the common features the given religion stocks with the others Buddhism is known as a religion that share prevalent characteristic to religion. The primary concept of all religion is always to encourage visitors to be good people. They motivate humans to complete good deeds, live a life of morality and compassion, and also to have human being dignity for any people including themselves. Of all time most religion shares similar characteristic. The primary characteristics that they every faith share is a belief within a higher electric power beyond someone, second is definitely the teaching or doctrine with the religion. Another characteristic is that each religion has a code of performs that everybody who comes after there educating needs to go by. Another attribute is the use of sacred tales and faith based ritual ceremonies that is execute in the religious beliefs. Buddhism as well as other religion inspire people to carry out good dead, avoid evil and live with morals and beliefs. They teach people how to make15447 human pride for one self and well as others. Most faith passed down there qualities via generation to generations. One of the most important regions of a religion is a writing which is known as the scriptures. Religions just like Christianity, Legislation, Muslim, Heiliges buch des islam and Hinduism all have got scriptures. Customs are also reveal amongst religious beliefs which is unsaid customs and laws. The majority of religion features reincarnation in which a person can be reborn after death. Every religion share the same belief on how to cope with life, loss of life and what happens after a person dies. Section of the teaching in every religion can be how your life was created and how mankind ought to treat one other. The purpose should be to create a ethical structure in order that everyone in the...