My Home town

Lillian Li, Class 1306

My hometown, Zhanjiang, is at the south west end of Guangdong Province, facing Hainan to the south. Our dialect in downtown schisme is Cantonese, while the persons in most areas speak Leizhou dialect. She actually is a livable city, savoring a warm and semitropical monsoon weather with low altitudes. As well, influenced by the ocean local climate, she escapes the heat from the summer plus the chilliness from the winter. Using a rather lengthy coastline, Zhanjiang is an excellent tourism city in China, in whose air quality rates among the top five in our region. Coming to Zhanjiang, you can see the beautiful blue ocean, and enjoy the astonishing subtropical landscapes. There is no question that the primary attraction of Zhanjiang may be the seafood. This wounderful woman has many sportfishing ports which usually supply fresh and ample seafood that is certainly cheap but of high quality. Among the many offerings are generally manner of fish, shrimps, and sandworms, ocean weed, abalones, and sea cucumbers. We regional residents love our sea food lightly cooked properly, usually quickly boiled to keep all the normal sweetness, It can be little wonder after that that there is a favorite saying in my hometown: ”If you want to take in really new seafood, don't let the seafood come to you, go to Zhanjiang. ” Seafood bought from Guangzhou cannot be considered clean in our sight. To us, it must be just out of the marine. One thing worth mentioning is usually that the port of Zhanjiang is among the eight main ports upon coast of mainland China, serving being a shipping wall plug for much of Southwest China and tiawan with a throughput greater than 2, six hundred million loads, The deep water port plays an important part in Zhanjiang overall economy, Zhanjiang, my dearest hometown, is the apple of my eyes.