My Favorite Sport Soccer

Sergii Kravchenko




The best Game To experience – Soccer

Starting inside my childhood, and until now sport games are my favorite sort of entertainment. Whether it is outside playing, or at your home on my gaming system, sporting sort of activity is the number one decision to pick. The special place here has got the one and only, ruler of sports activities – Soccer, also known as Euro Football. This game, in the opinion, is among the most passionate and artistic video game in the world! That brings exhilaration and delight either although playing it, or watching your favorite staff playing. Being a fan, as a player I like doing both. Needless to say, sports has above 200 mil fans throughout the planet, that makes it the most popular sort of sports. Straightforward rules and continuous gaming make soccer more attractive. Add players' technics and expertise and the game will become a film.

I got introduced to football through my father and my grand daddy. Grandpa might always have me outside the house to conquer the ball to each other. I used to be around three or four years old and already then I would prefer to run with the ball on the street, instead of play with toys. I will remember the day, when ever my father required to real soccer meet. I was five, it was a casino game between the local group and another person. It don't matter to my opinion. I was seeing a beautiful overall performance. I experienced ecstatic, We loved the action, We enjoyed hazardous and objective moments. After the game, I told my dad that I want to become a soccer player. He smiled and said, " The son would like to follow his father. When I was a person too”. This individual took me and told me a lot of stories on the way home.

Since that time I moved into school, I attended the football school. We took contribution in many contests throughout the school years. We certainly have even been to our california's finals, exactly where we took 4th place. It is a great feeling released to the discipline and putting yourself alongside your lovers to reach the goal, to win the game… Naturally , I don't become a soccer...



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