No Soreness No Gain

Lance Sataraka

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Zero Pain, Not any Gain

No pain no gain

How much of you have had to sacrifice your time or perhaps change your strategies to go is to do something else just like go practice or work on something? What is pain?

What is gain?

Inside my family my friend, dad, and sister needed to constantly had to sacrifice their very own time to get to their objective. It took all of them a lot of time, blood, and perspire to reach wherever they are right now. I i am the only one within my family that hasn't worked hard in something and continuously to get anywhere. I don't have the best grades, I don't have the best skills at sports, I'm not the nicest person, and I'm certainly not the most popular person. I have not been operating very hard to attain anything! I actually haven't place in a lot of time, blood vessels, and perspire into anything at all! I haven't had any pain therefore i haven't genuinely gained anything! Wrong! I am usually gaining anything, I might not really know it but every second I gain something! My father has gone by using a lot of trouble in his lifestyle he was given birth to in the small town of Taputimu in Samoa and then if he was five his dad and mom (my grandmother and grandpa) moved to Beautiful hawaii. When they got here we were holding very poor that were there to live in the housing. My dad sometimes more than likely eat mainly because they were thus poor, and often he would need to make poor choices and go grab from the store to go acquire food pertaining to his dad and mom. My dad was raised in the poor parts of Beautiful hawaii; he attended school at McKinley high school graduation. For him to stay away of trouble he started boxing he trained and performed hard, place time, bloodstream, and sweating into boxing. He had discomfort and this individual surely gained from this. He learned from most his life lessons now pushes my personal sister and i also to something that we like and he helps all of us until we certainly have gained some thing he all of us usually gain disciple and more respect. My personal sister (Masha) she's a freshman by UCLA my dad has pushed her so much she had a lot of pain emotionally and physically and the lady physically gained a lot. My father would have...



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