Outline and Evaluate the Reasons behind the Growing Popularity of Alternative Medicine

Format and measure the reasons for the growing demand for alternative medicine

Nonconventional medicine is a term that is used to describe medical techniques that are different from accepted forms and is utilized instead of orthodox medicine (Hunt and Gently, 1999). This kind of term was handed to these types of medical practices by the bio-medical model which shows their electrical power. However , lately it has been turn into ‘Complementary' which usually shows the increasing popularity of this kind of medicine; this now signifies a change from seeing alternatives such as opposition to modern treatments to recognising that they can support orthodox treatment. This type of medicine has a Healthy approach, meaning that it snacks the mind in addition to the body, contrary to the bio-medical model which may be a cause as to why more and more people use certain forms of complementary medicine. Natural medicine has always been popular in Far eastern societies; for instance , treatments like Fire Cupping originate from China and tiawan and over time have becoming more and more popular on the western part of the country. According to a study in 2007, British people spent £191 million upon alternative medicine for the reason that year only and continues to be suggested that that number has gone up by 32% in the past five years. One more as to why this type of medicine has become largely widely used in Traditional western societies is the fact GPs and hospitals will frequently refer individuals to them in the event that they feel that the bio-medical model cannot help them. Similarly, the NHS will make reference to this form of medicine as ‘Complementary', which demonstrates that they will no longer see it being a threat to their form of health care. According to Sharma (1992) the most popular forms on Supporting medicine are Herbalism, Osteopathy and Homeopathy. This could be right down to the fact that these ones are definitely the most successful in their treatment, or on the other hand it could be that celebs have made it in to some form of ‘Popular Culture' in which the masses think they should likewise try out. A large significant...

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