Personal & Professional Development

Self-managed learning inside the context

Of ongoing learning.

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12 March 2013



1- Subjective ---------------------------------------------------------------------- three or more

2- Introduction--------------------------------------------------------------------- 4

3- Approaches to personal managed learning-------------------------------------- 5

4- Advantages and disadvantages of Self- been able learning -------------- 6

5. 1- Advantages -------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 four. 2- Disadvantages--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6

5- Ways in which lifelong learning in both personal and

professional contexts could be encouraged----------------------------- -7

6- Evaluation some great benefits of self-managed finding out how to the Organizations and their users -------------------------------------------8

7- Conclusion -----------------------------------------------------------------------9

8- Sources -----------------------------------------------------------------------10

9-Bibliografy ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 10


In essence, this kind of report will comprise three parts: 1st we shall be making an evaluation of current methods to self- managed learning, second we shall be detailing by which ways long term learning both equally personal and professional may be promoted and encouraged and finally we shall be making an evaluation of the potential advantages of self-managed learning how to organisations and their members nevertheless for this case with specific mention of the Teagasc.

2- Introduction

Everyone had one day some encounter about self-managed learning in your daily course, or many people are having this experience at the moment in someplace learning something without any assistance. Stop for a moment and back to earlier times and try to keep in mind if you have discovered something that you needed initiative on your own. Did you remember a thing? I am sure you did, have you any idea why? It is because there`s so many reasons which press ourselves to learn something and that`s for what reason the term self-managed learning is more popular in comparison with the traditional method to learn, such as going to the college every day.

3-Approaches to do it yourself managed learning

Individual may learn through the research that they can will be carrying out that could be possibly been given by the university even at your workplace place, persons could learn different tactics used in undertaking the research. Formal education and schooling stay highly appreciated in most societies, and many educators, employers, policy-makers, and common citizens find it difficult to place quality on precisely what is learned all on your own or away from formal program. However , a few adult teachers have shown just how nontraditional courses, distance education, and self-directed learning initiatives can fulfill many difficulties associated with keeping current in constantly changing knowledge. A number of things are regarded about self-managed learning and also others conditions as S-DL (Self-direct learning), S-PL, LS-D, S-RL, Autonomy, learning tasks, open learning etc . However there are some dissimilarities between these terms:

* The star, (1975) explain Self- described learning- is a process by which individuals take the initiatives, with or without the help of others * Independent learning -- autonomy generally is associated with independence of thought, customized decision-making, and critical cleverness. Gibbs (1979) * Self-planned learning and learning projects - Tough's (1979) exploration on people engaged in learning projects engaged obtaining information about...

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