Project Supervision

Spring 10 IE 5541: Project Management Homework #6

You can work with this assignment individually, or stuck in a job group of two or three. If you work as a staff, please turn in one duplicate of the task.

PROBLEM one particular: A& D HIGH TECH (25 POINTS)

The merchandise management element of this case is showing its age: published in 2006, and place in 2002 - a few. Some of you can question their particular technology selections. Do your best to pay attention to the EVENING aspects, assuming that their technology choices were appropriate for a conservative business at that time.


A major managerial challenge is definitely analyzing task plans made in MS Project (or other software) and deciding their probability of success. Rather than looking at the basic issues of any project, a large number of managers simply verify the finish particular date on Line one of the project program is acceptable. In this assignment, you will create a plan, after which analyze this for its likelihood of success. You can expect to turn in a lot of reports and a short jot down (both are described below).

Create Job Schedule

Examine A& Deb High Tech (A): Managing Projects for Success out of your course packs (be cautious, there is also a circumstance titled A& D Hi-tech (B)) 1 . Review Show 6 and note that estimations are given during working hours (not Duration) and that the Work is set by Days (not Hours). A few set the MS Project parameters (Tools> Options> Schedule) o to o Collection Default Task Type = Fixed Function Set Work is came into in Days and nights Set Display that Jobs have Believed Duration = OFF (no checkmark)

2 . Create your indented WBS (Exhibit 5) (there is a great. xls record on Moodle that has done the inputting for you. Likely to just have to lower, paste, and indent). three or more. Input the estimates (Exhibit 6). Remember, they are Operate estimates some. Create Network (Exhibit 9) o um o Commence project upon 5/26/031 Note that Exhibit on the lookout for creates backlinks from overview tasks. While I don't encourage this practice, we'll adapt to A& D High Tech's practice (as good consultants always do) Check your work (Work sama dengan 1061. 1 days).

your five. Input work...



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