Assignment FEG 1 18 15 Final 4 Internet pages 1


College Degree System




(For July 2014 and January 2015 sessions)



College of Humanities

Indira Gandhi National Available University

Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110 068



Programme: BDP/2014-15

Course Code: FEG-01

Special Student,

You have to do one assignment pertaining to the Foundation Study course in English-01. It is a Instructor Marked Job (TMA) and carries 100 marks. That covers four blocks in the course. Seeks: The TMA is mostly concerned with assessing your skills in The english language. You should not duplicate chunks of information from the passage(s) but effectively use the skills of writing and reading that you may have attained during the course of research to compose your answers. These projects aim to teach as well as to examine your performance. Suggestions: You will be required to answer the questions in reading comprehension, vocabulary, sentence structure and structure. For the question on transcribing phonetically, you may consult a proper dictionary.

As with day-to-day existence, planning is important in seeking the job as well. See the assignment carefully; go through the devices on which the questions happen to be based; write down some items regarding every single question and after that re-arrange these questions logical order. In the essay-type answer, pay attention to your intro and summary. The launch must tell you how to interpret the provided topic and how you offer to develop it. The conclusion need to summarize the views on the topic. You should compose in your own handwriting. Make sure that the answer:


is rational


is written in simple and correct English


does not go over the number of words indicated in your questions d)

is drafted neatly and clearly.

Please remember that it is required to submit your assignment before you can take the Term End Assessment. Also remember to hold a copy of your assignment along and to require a receipt out of your Study Hub when you post the job. Last Date for Submission of Task:

31st 03

30th Sept

For Summer Examination

To get December Assessment

Good Luck!

Take note: Remember the submission of assignment is actually a precondition intended for appearing in the examination. If you don't submit the assignment in time, you will not be permitted to appear in the examination.


Foundation Course in British – 1 (FEG-01)


Assignment Code: FEG-1/TMA/2014-15

Greatest extent. Marks: 100

Answer the questions


See the passage and answer the questions stated in this article:

Where shall we meet? – It is a question which might demand a great buy of believed in one of your great overgrown cities.

Possibly the best-known conference place in the immense associated with Tokyo is a statue with the dog looking at Shibuya stop. Everyone generally seems to know the sculpture of the dog. The dog's name is definitely Hachiko. This is the story.

Hachiko was born in 1923 in Akita in the north of Japan. Akita dogs are famous in Japan. They are really fairly significant, golden-brown in colour, and they have aimed ears and sharp, ingenious faces. They can be well-known for loyalty. It absolutely was fortunate pertaining to Hachiko every time a professor of Tokyo University found him. The teacher took him to his house not far from Shibuya station, and generally there he confirmed himself a good and kind grasp. The dog adored him. He left the home every morning hours with the professor and went along with him so far as Shibuya station. He viewed him get his ticketed and disappear towards the educate. Then Hachiko used to sit back in the small square and wait for his master's go back from work in the later afternoon. This kind of happened each day. The teacher and his puppy became a familiar sight, and the story in the faithful animal spread about Shibuya. Then simply, one afternoon in 1925, there was disaster. For some time the professor's wellness had not been good, and he had a sudden heart-attack at the university. He passed away before he could be taken house....



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