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Item Description

The proposed merchandise refined glycerine is derived from the glycerine, a bv product of oleochemicals and biodiesel production. Glycerine is a without color, odorless, sweet tasting viscous liquid and is also hygroscpic (http://web.cals.uidaho.edu, 2012) which dissolves quickly in water (www.lush.co.uk, 2001). In addition , glycerin may be of animal (tallow) or perhaps vegetable (non tallow) roots which are both equally naturally occurring. In respect to www.patumoil.co.th (2007), glycerine, after the technique of refining intended for purification to be " Enhanced Glycerine", it provides glycerine content in a range between ninety five. 0% or more.

There are, presently six (6) profound types of sophisticated glycerine based on the glycerine content material after refinement. The refined glyrine involves 95. 0% Technical Level, 96% USP (Vegetable-based), 99. 5% USP (Tallow-based), 99. 5% USP (Vegetable-based), 99. 5% USP/FCC – Kosher, and 99. 7% USP/FCC – Kosher. Unique providing proposition (USP), FFC, English pertroleum (BP), and Kosher are qualifications given to a specific product because of its consistency in quality and safety.

The corporation intends to produce six types of sophisticated glycerin preparing availability of various products to get the customers. The corporation will be the second refined glycerine producer/distributor to be constructed inside the Batangas, Thailand.

Product identity

The product is crowned since the Teleios-Praetor Chemical 001 – Refined Glycerine or perhaps the TC 001 manufactured by the Teleios-Praetor Substance Co., Incorporation.. Teleios is actually a greek operate carrying the essence of perfection. The business holds the principle of incompassing flawlessness into its items, and every related operation attached with it. Teleios will not only mean product efficiency but the as well, the passion of delivering excellent treatment to the people behind the glory. The name describes the word excellent in most humane and righteous way, devoted to produce items of superiority that covers the environment and its particular people---praetor, protection. COMPANY LOGO BEING REVEALED SHORTLY

Uses in the product

Enhanced Glycerine provides numerous applications in many different industries like pharmaceuticals and drugs, personal care and cosmetics, foods and beverages, polyether polyols, cigarette, paper and printing, materials, and many more. Pharmaceuticals and drugs

Sophisticated glycerin is utilized in as well as pharmaceutical plans, mainly as a method of bettering smoothness, offer lubrication and humectants. Can also be used to reduce intracranial and intraocular stresses. It is also used to manufacture suppositories, cough syrups, elixirs, expectorants, capsules, ear ache remedies, anesthetics, lozenges, gargles, etc (lifestyle. iloveindia. com, 2007). Personal care and cosmetics

Based on the information coming from alibaba. com (2005), sophisticated glycerin serves as an emollient, humectants, solvent, and lubrication in personal care products. Additionally, it also competes with sorbitol, although glycerol has better taste and higher solubility, and because with the nontoxic nature of glycerin, it is used in these makeup and toiletries: toothpaste, mouthwashes, skin care products, shaving cream, hair-care products and soaps, deodorants, and so forth

Foods and beverages

Mentioned previously in way of life. iloveindia. com (2007), glycerin is used to moisten, enhance or preserve the following meals and beverages: soft drinks, candies, cakes, meats and dairy products, dry food, etc . Additionally it is a solvent for flavors and foodstuff colouring. In fact it is used in make of polyglycerol esters entering shortenings and margarine, and used because filler in low-fat foods (i. at the., cookies).

Polyether polyols

Refined Glycerine is one of the major raw materials for the manufacture of polios pertaining to flexible foams, and to a lesser extent rigid polyurethane foams (alibaba. com, 2007). Tobacco

Glycerin is likewise used in smoking cigarettes to prevent the breaking and crumbling during the processing of any nicotine products,...



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