Inside the article " Is Google Making All of us Stupid” printed in The Ocean Magazine, Nicholas Carr starts by talking of a national concern. Our attentiveness levels will be diminishing. Carr uses it to point out yahoo as the perpetrator, nevertheless he identifies the web overall. He used to be in a position to read all day. However , this individual struggles with reading a few pages at this point. Carr says that our minds are being programmed to understand the answer and shut down. You no longer submerge your self into knowledge. You simply skim the surface from it. Two of the author's good friends are going throughout the same thing. A pathologist from the University of Michigan no more reads nearly anything longer than three of four paragraphs. This individual simply glances over it. The other good friend, Scott Karp, has halted reading literature all together. Examining isn't a great instinct. We must learn how to tenderize information, although that isn't extremely necessary anymore because every thing is already broken down for you. Carr then goes on to talk about just how technology features always affected humans. From of the first creations, the time, humans include changed their way of life. Instead of listening to their very own basic behavioral instinct, they now ate when it was time to eat. The same applies towards the tv, radio, printing press, calculator, and telephone. The pc is now able to do all those machines careers at once. Carr then procedes explain the way the net is known as a medium. We can get the same service in a comparatively short amount of time. Really definitely quicker than before. Carr believes that the is why the attention span is shrinking. We select links seeking to absorb information. Yet, all of us somehow take off off each of our original path. There are so many points that can distract us. For example , emails, digital gewgaws, and blinking advertisings can easily scatter our focus from reading the latest paper. The paper ends with the same research that it started with. A scene in the movie " Space Odyssey”. The author states that in the movie the equipment, HAL 9000, shows...

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" Is Google Making All of us Stupid” by Nicholas Carr pg 226-234

Anthology: The Norton Audience 13th model. Print.

Publisher: W. W Norton Business, New York, NYC 2012

Editors: Linda Peterson, John Brereton