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A symposium and forum with regards to the Jalaur Water Multipurpose Job was carried out last December 7, 2012 at the CFOS AV-Hall. This was made successful thru the combined efforts of the UP Oikos plus the Jalaur Lake for the individuals Movement. Mrs. Cynthia Deduro, a defender of the native people in Panay undertaken this rising dilemma and pointed out the different disadvantages this project may cause specifically the deterioration with the natives' sustenance and damage of the environment. It was Sen. Franklin Drilon who forced this task to the Our elected representatives purposely implying the benefits those of Panay can get. The job aims to " sustain the region's self-sufficiency and help the annual embrace the country's rice creation. It will offer a year-round irrigation for gardening production; get yourself a hydroelectric power plant to supplement the power source in the province, boost the flow of potable drinking water throughout the province, and to promote eco-tourism. These types of benefits, yet , may not be advantageous at all. It may cause total damnation to individuals thru dislocation of residential areas, dangerous fault line, water damage, soil actions, worsening debt, and human rights infractions.

I prefer the administration pertaining to thinking this plan which may be beneficial to the inhabitants. However , this saddens me how can the federal government propose this kind of project if it could be worthless after how a long time? It is as well ridiculous how these " hope with the people” shell out as well considerably on a atteinte which will be damaged in an earthquake hit. The people's basic safety should be the top priority of these officers but for what reason they tackle their own requires first? Yes, indeed, it has advantages but these are staying overwhelmed by great number of disadvantages. The natives will probably be helpless if this project will be built for they will lose their appreciated homes and agricultural sustenance.

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