Risk Elements of Drinking and Physical Inactivity


Healthy life span in Ireland – 60 years for men and 62 for females – declines far in short supply of actual life expectancy, 76 and 80 years correspondingly (Scottish Authorities, 2011a). Using a predicted 26% rise in the number of pensionable-aged Scots by 2035 (Scottish Authorities, 2011b), this kind of increase in chronic disease has led to a focus on the health risks linked to our actions (Dixon and Johnston, 2010).

Risk Factor: Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol posseses an irritant impact, contributing to arteriosclerosis, ultimately increasing the risk of hypertension, heart disease and stroke (Harrington-Dobinson and Produces, 2007a). It irritates the mucous cellular lining of the gastrointestinal tract and accessory internal organs, predisposing to chronic inflammation, malnutrition (possibly leading to Wernicke's encephalopathy and, if neglected, Korsakoff's psychosis (Rassool, 2009)) and tumor development; the liver, due to the central metabolic role, is specially susceptible to harm, cirrhosis, failure and cancer (Harrington-Dobinson and Blows, 2007a). Alcohol's apparently paradoxical stimulating and depressive effects, depending on amounts consumed (Harrington-Dobinson and Blows, 2006), are a significant factor in the complex routine of co-morbidity between mental ill-health and alcohol misuse (Rassool, 2009). The numerous serious health risks (Harrington-Dobinson and Blows, 2007a) and social harms (NHS ISD, 2011) will not be discussed here.

Well being Promotion: Towards Reduced Drinking

The medical approach to overall health promotion (Scriven, 2010) involves preventing or treating alcohol-related harm through healthcare interventions, using a ‘stepped care' technique (Scottish Authorities, 2011c). NICE (2010 and 2011) traces this process. Major prevention contains screening tools – for example , the Fast Alcohol Screening Test (FAST) in principal care (SIGN, 2003) or maybe the Paddington Alcohol Test (PAT) in crisis departments (NHS QIS, 2008) – and brief treatment (discussed below); secondary reduction may entail extended quick intervention through motivational selecting (SIGN, 2003) and helped withdrawal; tertiary prevention is usually provided by specialist services, and might include pharmacological relapse elimination (NICE, 2011). Scriven (2010) outlines four key approaches in the behavior change way: self-monitoring, cost/benefit/reward motivational devices, target-setting and coping tactics. A ‘drink diary' is a useful self-monitoring tool (Harrington-Dobinson and Produces, 2007b). Targets appropriate towards the individual – abstinence, decrease in consumption or merely harm reduction – should be agreed (NICE, 2011). Successful dealing strategies include included implementation intentions, particularly, " if (critical situation) occurs, i then will (behavioural response)” (Armitage, 2009). Alcoholics Anonymous or perhaps similar programmes, although not evidence-proven (SIGN, 2012), may still be appropriate for some people due to their large availability (Scottish Government, 2011c). The education procedure (Scriven, 2010) involves conversing the suggested guideline limitations (see Appendix 1), and the risks of exceeding these kinds of, to the open public. Although consumption appears to be reducing (see Appendix 2), this is simply not backed up by corresponding product sales data (NHS ISD, 2011), nor the apparent embrace dependency (see Appendix 2). As people usually offer an honest account of their intake (SIGN, 2003), this advises the government is right to be concerned over inconsistent drink labelling and the " drift towards larger ‘standard' measures” (Scottish Government, 2009, at g. 12). The beneficial cardio-protective effects of a moderate alcoholic beverages intake happen to be, at best, limited to certain sub-groups and, in worst cases, inconsistent and misleading (Grønbaek, 2009); they can be therefore , appropriately, underplayed in public health education. Alcohol Simple Interventions – lying somewhere between the medical, the actions change plus the education...

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