Saving Bodies of Water by simply: Rabp

We. Objectives

1 . Identify means of conserving bodies of water. (PELC NI, 4. 4) 2 . Show care and concern practice ways of saving bodies of water. three or more. Appreciate the importance of bodies of water.

II. Subject Matter

a. Topic: Techniques for Conserving lakes

b. References: Science and Health 3

Science, Health insurance and Environment 3, pages 225- 226

c. Idea: 1 . Normal water may come by different resources such as streams, lake and other bodies of water, rainwater and underground. 2 . Subway water is a good water because it is potable. 3. Conserving bodies of water shows all of us care for this.

d. Beliefs: Appreciation, Preservation

e. Processes: Declaration, Description and Inference

farrenheit. Materials: Pictures showing contaminated bodies of water

Puzzle expression

Visual aids

III. Procedure

A. Basic Activities|

Teacher Activity| Pupils Activity

1 . Greetings|

Great Afternoon Quality IIIAnd I actually am very glad to view you too. | Good Afternoon Ms. PeridoWere glad to determine you. | 2 . Checking out of Attendance|

Is there any absent today? | None Ma'am.

3. Looking at of Assignment|

Do we provide an assignment? So , bring out your assignment. Can somebody show me what each of our assignment was all about? " pupils name”So, based on the drawing, could you please make clear your project? " learners name”Another? " pupils name”Another? " learners name”| Certainly Ma'am. A drawing about the effects of toxins like trash on normal water, animals, vegetation and people. During my drawing that shows that the girl is tossing her plastics in not really proper areas. It demonstrates the baby is usually malnourished. That shows that the plants perished. | four. Recall|

Let's have a review about our previous lesson. I possess here pieces of page that organize in columns and rows. All you have to do is to locate the different bodies of water. | |

Direction: Loop the phrase of different lakes.

G| R| O| U| N| D| W| A| T| E| R

A| B| C| B| K| P| F| A| L| L| Groundwater







F| I| D| R| L| Q| V| D| A| M| O

R| R| E| O| M| R| L| Z| D| H| C

I| A| F| O| N| S| E| A| E| I| E

V| I| I| K| O| S| W| A| K| S| A

E| N| U| N| M| T| X| B| F| E| N

R| G| H| I| O| N| Y| I| K| K| Meters

" pupils name”" pupils name”" pupils name”" pupils name”" pupils name”" pupils name”" pupils name”Thank you school. It seems that you really understood the various bodies of water; a few move on to get our dialogue today. But before that, do you need a game? | GroundwaterRiverSeaBrookFallsOceanSeaYes we do.

W. Lesson Proper|

1 ) Motivation|

Ok! Our game is titled " Correct Me I'm Broken”. I've here 4 envelopes that have different photographs. All you have to perform is to finish the puzzle in just 2 minutes. Could it be clear? I will group you into some. This will be the group 1 . This will likely be the group 2 . This will become the group 3. This will be the group 5. Representative of every group, you should pick a great envelope. Head to your chosen area and form a circle. | Yes Ma'am

Completing the puzzle….. Following 2 minutes…..

Times up. Please return to your seats and post your work on the board. | The representative of each group will post their work on the panel.

Those questions are images showing polluted bodies of water.

Group you, please statement the challenge that you accomplished. Group 2Group 3Group 4So, do you think these types of pictures demonstrate concern for the bodies of water? Therefore , what recommendations can you give? " learners name”Very very good. What more? " learners name”Why do you state so? Thanks class for your answer. | It shows a picture of any river that is certainly full of trash. Chemical toxins from industries dumped into the river. Crude oil spilled coming from cargo boats. It demonstrates a girl tosses her trash into the lake. No Ma'am. I will tell to all of them that throwing garbage is not right activities of any man. I will tell to...



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