science has done more injury

п»ї1. HEALTH: in our life the main thing we want is good into the to attain this good health some things are required which can be health advertising facilities and these we could get with the help of science. The scientists accomplished research upon research and were able to develop several well being facilities which may have helped to market good health. Without good health gentleman can not survive and that is something science offers helped approximately maintain. Consider the act of employing computer to detect disease and illnesses hidden within the body which will ordinarily might not be noticed till one passes away. 2 . TRANSPORT MADE EASY: in the olden days, moving from place to one other was not an easy task but with the advent of research we are able to travel around as far as feasible with ease and comfort. We all no longer have need to walk on foot from Abuja to Lagos or perhaps from Nigeria to any other part of the world. So , scientific research has done more good than harm. three or more. COMMUNICATION: Communication in the world of today has been built as easy as learning how to cry. I could imagine just how our dads in those days need to travel by good to other places only to pass an information to various other family members or perhaps friends but with the help of technology, one can communicate with friends a great relativess whom live far from good over the following seconds and with really small amount of money. Technology has made this easy for one to know what occurs around the complete wild globe in just short while through the mass media houses or perhaps through the internet without having to travel around sound the earth. 4. ELECTRIC POWER: The presence of research has provided up with electricity which is a comodity whose worth can not be over emphasized. Electric power whether Photo voltaic, hydro or perhaps has made human being life and so simple that almost all the things that were before now done physically by gentleman are now carried out with the help of electric power. 5. CULTURE: Science offers provided program modern gardening equipments like tractors, planters,...



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