Sementation and Target Market Newspaper

Segmentation and Marketplace Paper

Walmart Corporation

Upon opening a business, a company must decide where you can place the organization and how to industry the company. This may not be an easy task if perhaps several businesses of the same sector are located in the same neighborhood. Before the firm can wide open, a new business must select what marketplace they want to reach and the proper way to reach them. The company should also determine the psychographic and behavioral qualities of each industry the company is intending to reach. Here i will discuss information on how Walmart Corporation selects their geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral segments when the company spots a new store in a certain neighborhood. Walmart History

The first Walmart store began in Rogers, Arkansas, in 1962 by founder Mike Walton (Walmart Corporation, 2014). Walton moved his friends and family to the part of Bentonville, Arkansas to take advantage of tiny town living and exposed his Five and Dime store in the town rectangular. With the success of that retail outlet he chose to open the first Walmart to offer lower prices and greater services to his appreciated customers (Walmart Corporation, 2014). By 1970, the company had gone public where Walton used the earnings to grow the business.

Over time the corporation grew enough that Walton decided to endeavor into uncharted territory by simply opening Walmart Supercenters, Sam's Club Warehouses and the business first worldwide stores in Mexico. The company now has " 11, 000 retail products under 71 banners in 27 countries and e-commerce in 15 countries. We employ 2 . 2 mil associates all over the world — 1 . 3 , 000, 000 in the U. S. alone” (Walmart Company, p. one particular, 2014). The corporation has been very successful but still must keep at heart where a shop is placed, what market to, and how the organization will encourage the new retail store. Geographic Segmentation

Walmart is not immune system from deciding where to place one of all their stores. The organization must consider...

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