Sieve Examination

Sieve Analysis Lab Survey

Tech Producing Lab Statement

Dr . Clinton Lanier

Written by: Jon Leyba

Date Assigned: 10/17/2011

Time Due: 10/24/2011


The purpose of his lab is usually to perform a sieve analysis on the sample of soil gathered near the EMRTC facility lurking behind the New Mexico Tech Campus. The soil sample features reddish fines, sand, and gravel. The grain size distribution (GSD) test can be used for soil classification, underneath the Unified Soil Classification System (USCS). The USCS is regarded as the best category method for soil. The GSD test may be used to estimate the mechanical real estate of a soil. The data collected will be used to plot a GSD shape. The GSD curve is usually plotted in log size to show tiny changes and details which a normal range would shed. Based from the GSD curve we can after that calculate the Coefficient of Uniformity (Cu) and the Pourcentage of Curvity (Cc). These kinds of coefficients will be the standards in the USCS to classify if a garden soil is poor or very well graded. How well a soil can be graded establishes how well the ground will small for foundations.

Test out Procedure:

Research laboratory Procedure followed - ASTM D422

The American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) is widely used and remarkably trusted method system. ASTM D422 explains in detail how to specifically perform the lab. Essentially a certain amount of ground is put on top a collection of sieves organized by major openings on the top and tiniest towards the lower part. A griddle is at the underside to collect moving soil. The sieves will be vibrated with a machine for some amount of time to permit the good particles to move on to the next sieve. A diagram of sieves is shown in FIGURE 1 . Also, TABLE 1 displays sieve amounts and the size openings as they were piled in the lab.

PHYSIQUE 1: Diagram showing soil sifted in sieves

DESK 1: Relationship between filter numbers and sieve openings

US Common Sieve No . | Filter Opening (mm)| Sieve Opening (in) | #4| 4. 75|. 187

#10| installment payments on your 0|. 0787...

References: Dieses, B. M. (2009). Soil Mechanics Research laboratory Manual. 7th editon.

Oxford University Press Inc, New York.

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