Silent Evening

The night was silent. The half moon gazed down benevolently on the town, alone within a starless stretch out of dark sky. The streets were empty, and all that reached out into the shadowy darkness had been the street lights, placed therefore methodically and evenly that made all of them seem more significant than they will really had been. Near one of these lamps, on the bench, was an ancient guy, his frizzy hair grey, his face was warped with deep lines and wrinkles, a pair of circular rimmed specs perched on his nose. His dull eyes, seeming to be staring into nothingness, peered sadly through the lenses. He slowly unlatched the case on his lap and reverently raised the saxophone from its place, and is it opened, the weak but mystifying golden glow appeared from that, only visible from the small glimmer in the street lights. The man constrained the mouth part to his lips, and a moment, music filled the night.

The smooth, deep resonating colors of the saxophone echoed through the stillness. The strong tone sang a melancholic requiem. The instrument was performing of times long past, of memories fifty percent forgotten, appreciate once got, life in its peak and decline. The sounds resonated through the clear streets, reaching out in vain. The man stood as the song come to the orgasm, and as he did, the emotions that were resonating so beautifully looked only to become amplified, this was pure expression from the heart; unprepared, and unrestrained. The person closed his eyes and arched backwards as the saxophone bellowed its elegy. Untainted feelings, pure and true, resounded from the remarks, a rebellious dirge around the despair and suffering of reduction and solitude.

Then the nighttime was noiseless again. His performance was applauded by the silence and the dark, and it was deafening. The elderly guy breathed greatly, perspiration dampening his boring grey frizzy hair. He fell back for the bench and before long, began absently polishing the saxophone. His target audience, the night, seemed to escape into the night, and he was left more alone than before. He heaved a...



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