Single Parent Family: A Trend of Modern Life


The emergence of one parent family is supposed to be the effect of modern life-style, and has become more popular within our society. From your own knowledge and observation, go over some influences of this sort of family routine on each family member and/or the entire society. You have 50 moments to write a great essay of 250-300 words and phrases on the over topic. SINGLE PARENT FAMILY – A TREND OF RECENT LIFE

Although some decades ago, Vietnamese people favored to live in prolonged households, that are composed of three or more years, the relatives size today tends to reduce, resulting in indivisible and sole parent friends and family patterns. These, mainly the consequence of divorce or unplanned pregnancy, has numerous effects upon family members and also the whole society. The first and foremost impacts due to this practice are on the family alone. When the couple have uncontrollable conflicts and resolve to divorcing or separating, the misery is usually emerged in each and every member, especially the parents. Nearly single mothers/fathers suffer from mental problems, but in reality encounter financial troubles. When divorced, usually the husband is responsible for submitting a sum of money towards the wife, who also takes the charge of raising the kids. Despite this, solitary mothers, actually, struggle to make ends meet, not to mention they should educate youngsters without the assistance of the spouse. Accordingly, these kinds of kids in general lack possibilities of entire development in comparison with kids having both of parents. Not receiving a full care and support, in addition to being separated or even teased by peers, children with this family structure are highly more likely to drop out of school and relate to social evils. Not only do solitary parent people affect their members although this practice also has incredible effects for the society in general. First, children from these types of families pretty much lack education, becoming out of work and determined by their sole parents, consequently...



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