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Carefree Pilates

Amanda Fakhreddine

MGMT255 Small Business Management

Dec 10, 2011

Executive Summary

Product/ Services & Target audience

Carefree Yoga is a Yoga exercises studio located in the Namao area in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Happy-go-lucky yoga gives Primarily Yoga classes and extra classes pertaining to dance and Pilates. Will be services goal families in the area but specifically females from early teens and up, as well as moms with active schedules? A daycare providers is also offered for those moms that need a place to keep youngsters supervised when they take the classes. Happy-go-lucky Yoga Facility will provide a broad number of classes that pertain to schooling the body by way of yoga and related stretching practices. The business will generate profits from the recurring fees associated with yoga classes at the facilities while at the same time generating supplementary revenues throughout the sale of yoga mats and related add-ons used throughout yoga training. Our course instructors provide on the job support and knowledge to our clients. The classes associated with client feel at ease and serenity with a person's self. The everyday normal woman and mothers a lot more vastly elevating stress. As well the pressure to stay healthier and look good is constantly a problem at the end of their day. However much they will work, prepare, clean etc… The female market is constantly striving to succeed any kind of time and every thing. There is a extremely slim to none opportunity that a yoga exercise studio positioned in this area probably would not succeed. The need for activities is large especially when the weather gets as cold mainly because it does in Edmonton living indoors may make a person feel Closter phobic and stressed, thus yoga would be a great escape. Industry

The current economy has remained hard over the past couple of years. However , Yoga exercises Studios have fared well despite the current economic problems. This is because pilates, by it is students, while seen as an integral part of their lives. As such, the Yoga Studio room will be able to remain profitable and income positive in different economic climate. Inside the United States, you will discover approximately twelve, 000 spots that function as Yoga exercise Studios. The popularity of pilates has increased greatly over the past a decade as more Americans have become concerned with their particular fitness. The excepted expansion rate of the Yoga Facility industry is usually expected to remain in line with that of the basic American economic climate. Competition

Happy-go-lucky Yoga studio room has two major competition. One staying direct and another staying indirect. The YMCA positioned in Castle Downs would be the direct competition considering it's the nearest facility close to the Namao center neighborhood. They've been around for quite some time and target families from this community. Carefree Yoga studio's classes are roomy and have a very relaxing atmosphere. The indirect competition would include Hot tub Lady and various Yoga exercises studios and gym inside the downtown area. They are mare like a high end form of studio and may be located close to the workplaces of our Namao center community residence. " Our solutions have exclusive features and benefits that separate us from our competitors. Our solutions have one of a kind features and benefits that separate us from our opponents. Carefree Yoga exercises studio's is spacious and still have a very relaxing atmosphere. Our displayed water fountain gives a n?gen outdoor feel. The appears displayed are tranquil and welcoming to all or any clients. A separate steam area is available to all clients being a finishing touch in addition with their yoga category. ” Management

The Company begun by Amanda Fakhreddine Mrs. Fakhreddine has more than 10 years of experience in the yoga exercises instruction market. Through her expertise, she will be able to take the operations from the business to profitability within its initial year of operations. Financial

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The company is definitely expect to make about $355, 000 at the conclusion of the second year with very low overhead. The aims of Happy-go-lucky Yoga would be the...



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