Interpersonal Conflict

Social Conflict in Film

The movie I selected to watch was Crash. This type of movie was full of a whole lot of stereotyping. It judged people a lot on their competition. I had never noticed this motion picture before and so i found that interesting it turned out so racist. There were many scenes that had social conflict in them. The one which stands out one of the most to me is when Sandra Bullock's character got into an argument with her husband about wanting the locks changed again the following day; while there was a guy that she presumed was part of a gang was presently there changing the locks. The lady was stereotyping the guy that was changing the locks as they was Mexican. She presumed that he was part of a gang and was going to have copies of their house important factors made and passed out to his buddies so they could arrive and rob them. Sandra Bullock's figure was extremely upset because she and her hubby had just been organized at gunpoint and their car stolen from their website. Her hubby was the ag of Oregon in this movie. Sandra Bullock's character was upset with her husband for not demonstrating concern over her thoughts about wanting the hair changed once again in the morning simply because were currently being changed. He told her the lady was more than reacting. The lady told him that your woman was worried because your woman had merely been carjacked at gun point and she knew it was likely to happen the moment she noticed the black guys on the street. But this individual told her that she a new rough evening and that she just necessary to go to bed and get some sleep. Your woman went into your kitchen and the Philippine guy that was changing the locks was there and had read everything. This individual walked towards the counter and sat throughout the keys for the locks and so they were most there. Sandra Bullock's character types husband really should have showed more empathy towards her for the situation these people were just in. She was obviously frightened over the situation that acquired just took place. Instead of straight down playing the case and informing her that she merely needed to get some good...

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