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Whilst staying in Birmingham, he was made available from Mariano Ponce to edit a newspaper that would serve the interest in the Filipinos. That will also defend them up against the attacks in the Spanish detractors, which he turned down to get he was active then. This individual went to Rome, then to Spain inside the second week of December 1888 to look for the political scenarios in connection to the disappointment of reforms of the Korea. He knowledgeable about the two frontrunners of the Promozione Movement, Marcelo H. delete Pilar and Mariano Ponce, and distributed ideas and plans in their fight for reconstructs. He returned to Greater london and participated definitely in the reform movement and initiated his role inside the  in Philippine Revolution. Having been voted unanimously as honorary President of the Filipino Patriotic Society in Barcelona referred to as Asociacion La Solidaridad, which usually would involve in the crusade for reforms. His 1st article in La Fraternidad was titled ‘Los Agricultores Filipinos', it was published upon March twenty-five, 1889 before he remaining London pertaining to Paris. Jose Rizal's participation to the founding of the La Solidaridad Asociation on 12 , 15, 1889 jibed with Graciano Lopez Jaena's beginning of the devoted newspaper referred to as La Solidaridad. It served as the state organ of the Propaganda Movements. The objectives were as follows: 1 . To work peacefully for politics and social reforms;

2 . To portray the deplorable circumstances of the Israel so that The country of spain may treatment them; several. To oppose the evil forces of reactions and medievalism; some. To advocate liberal tips and improvement; and

a few. To winner the legitimate aspirations of the Filipino people to life, democracy, and pleasure. With the coverage to champion democracy and liberalism, to expose the real plight of the country, and to function peacefully to get economic and social reforms, the paper published not only articles and essays regarding the economic, cultural, politics, and social conditions in the country,...



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