Speech - Immigrants at Central Stop, Blind Part

Good morning Mr Publisher. Today I are here to provide with texts that I imagine will be well suited for your webpage that you will be producing for season 11 students based upon moving journeys. A great inspirational journey is a trip that is going, stimulating and touching for the audience and this is exactly why these two text messaging, the movie, ‘The blind Side”, written by David Lee Hancock and Philip Skrzynecki's poem, " Immigrants at central station”, must be included in your web site as they offer to the market these precise emotions. Obstacles and problems faced by characters in both text messaging must be overcome and they are what make the journeys in both bits truly inspiring.

On every inspirational quest the character will certainly face hardship but overcome these issues. On the starting scene from the movie, Michael Oher is traveling from his old property to his new neighborhood by car. The use of a car in this field is the use symbolism displaying movement and a quest about to happen. As Eileen is exploring it discloses his residence, the dark, dirty, dull atmosphere in which he lived in. as he trips, It then becomes his fresh neighborhood, which usually shows greenery, bright shades and a clean appearance of ambiance. This is the make use of contrast used by Hancock to emphasis and reveal in which Michael came from, the old for the new. This where Michael embarks within a life changing quest as he makes its way into the new world. At the beginning it is difficult for Jordan but he overcomes this. This is the start of the inspiring story of Eileen Oher's voyage.

Furthermore what is a lot more inspiring is that this journey of self-discovery is based on a true story. Every inspirational journey should be touching pertaining to the audience. The true story of Michael Oher is revealed at the end from the movie with real video of him self, his fresh family and the success that he has become on his life-changning journey. This kind of journey like a true history creates a even more touching and moving knowledge...



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