In modern day America, our culture has begun to revolve around traveling and shifting from place to place. By no means staying in a single place long enough to get to know the land. It is because of this new trend that Wallace Stegner wrote his essay " The Feeling of Place. " Through this essay, Stegner informs us that the just way for us to think a sense of place is for us to submit themselves to the land; he does this using various techniques such as: figurative dialect, use of a personal anecdote, and the use of second person.

This individual begins the essay in a rather distinct manner stating a offer by Wendell Berry, " If you don't find out where you are an individual know who also you are" (Stegner 199). It is relatively strange that he would get started his composition with another person's quote, nevertheless for this piece it works because even following the completion of the initially sentence the essay has received a personal reference to the reader. Utilizing the word, " you" Stegner gives the visitor the impression that he is talking to all of them. The estimate itself although catchy may also be regarded offensive for some, so Stegner is also placing himself vulnerable to losing viewers because they don't like what his initially sentence needs to say. There is another instance of Stegner using second person, on the very end of the essay. Here the term is used while, " we" instead of " you. " It is now when he can be dictating his opinion about what we because Americans have to do, " it truly is probably period we seemed around all of us instead of looking ahead. We have no business, any longer, in being intolerant with history" (Stegner 206). It is easy to see why he switched the words because by using the term we, this individual includes him self rather than putting all of the fault and work with the shoulder blades of the visitor. It is interesting to see the fact that only times Stegner decided to use the second person reaches the very beginning and the extremely end. He first used it to attract the reader and personalize his essay, and after that ended this with his judgment on how " we" ought to slow down...



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